You are cordially invited to
Nurse of the Year - Kansas and Greater Kansas City

DATE: Saturday, November 3, 2018  |  Time: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: The Marriott Hotel
ADDRESS: 200 W. 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

For more information, please contact Pam Kelley at 913-235-9851.


Hundreds of applications across the defined categories ranging from Advanced Practice to Surgical Services are reviewed and scored by high-ranking nurse leaders. Through this competitive process, finalists within each category are then determined. The March of Dimes is proud to announce and honor the 2018 Nurse of the Year finalists.

Advanced Practice
Andrea Stafos - Shawnee Mission Health
Barb Haney - Children’s Mercy
Christine Corbett - Truman Medical Center     
Janelle Williamson - Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Kristen Frost - Shawnee Mission Health
Vivian Hemmat - Truman Medical Center
Behavioral Health
Jen Williams - Truman Medical Center
Mary Ragan - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Robin Jordan - Children’s Mercy
Sarah Kline - Truman Medical Center     
Wendy Wright - Children’s Mercy
Case Management/Care Coordination
Elizabeth Harvey - The University of Kansas Health System
Katina Rahe - Children’s Mercy
Lauren Hulett - The University of Kansas Health System
Michel Thomas - Truman Medical Center
Patty Sleppy - Truman Medical Center
Clinical Educator/Academic Education
Angela Knackstedt - Children's Mercy
Donna McCurry - Truman Medical Center
Gayla Huffman - Children’s Mercy
Qiuhua Shen - Univ. of Kansas School of Nursing
Regina Johnson - Univ. of Kansas School of Nursing
Critical Care
Arminda Pool - Truman Medical Center
Devin Donegan - Truman Medical Center
Erin McConnell - North Kansas City Hospital
Kelly Meiners - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Sara Crawford - Children’s Mercy
Kristen Jurich - Shawnee Mission Health
Julia Wood - Stormont Vail Health
Kindra Wellman - Western Missouri Medical Center
Kylie Alwardt - Truman Medical Center
Michelle Read - Children’s Mercy
Tiffany Matthews - Truman Medical Center
Hospice/Home Health/Palliative Care
Christina Anthony - Liberty Hospital
Jennifer Neece - Children’s Mercy
Mary Ann Armstrong - North Kansas City Hospital 
Susan Matthews - North Kansas City Hospital
Intermediate Care
Anne Hager - The University of Kansas Health System
Bobbi Dickerson - North Kansas City Hospital
Candra Fedders - Saint Luke’s South
Dana Suderman - The University of Kansas Health System
Jennifer Davis - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Lauren Courtney - The University of Kansas Health System
Long-Term Acute Care/Rehabilitation/Geriatrics
Oliver Perocho - The University of Kansas Health System
Gary Hicks - North Kansas City Hospital
Azucena Mitchell - Tutera Senior Living
Priscilla Mims - Truman Medical Center
Amanda Smith - Research Medical Center
Grace Hageman - Shawnee Mission Health
Jennifer Brown - Shawnee Mission Health
Misty Riddle - Hedrick Medical Center
Nathan Uthe - North Kansas City Hospital
Amanda Allen - Stormont Vail Health
Amy Sloan - Children’s Mercy
Karla Goe - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Kimberly Cox - Stormont Vail Health
Teresa Shami - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Nurse Manager
Carolyn Jones - Stormont Vail Health
Denise Mogg - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Jamie Luark - Saint Luke’s Health System
Julanne Seefeldt - Children’s Mercy
Kristin Ray - Children’s Mercy                          
Shanon Fucik - Children’s Mercy
Nursing Informatics
Ashleigh George - Cerner Corporation
Kathleen Thompson - The University of Kansas Health System
Kelly Rice - Saint Luke’s Health System
Lacey Bergerhofer - Children’s Mercy
Michelle Sullivan - North Kansas City Hospital
Cara Engels - Children’s Mercy
Caroline Strohm - The University of Kansas Health System
Dawn Brinson - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Jan Watkins - Liberty Hospital
Lindsay Donlon - Saint Luke’s Health System
Carla Northington - Children's Mercy
Helen Huff - Children’s Mercy
Shelby Brooks - Stormont Vail Health
Sheri Pratt - Children's Mercy
Staci Hayes - Children's Mercy
Procedural Care
Christina Crapisi - Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City
Dana Hindman - North Kansas City Hospital
Kara Remick Erickson - North Kansas City Hospital
Melissa Priest - North Kansas City Hospital
Rachel Van Gorp - North Kansas City Hospital
Public Health/Ambulatory Care
Carmen Burns - Stormont Vail Health
Jill Kouts - The University of Kansas Health System
Julia McDonald - Truman Medical Center
Melissa Fowler - The University of Kansas Health System
Raquel Garcia - Truman Medical Center
Quality & Risk Management
Amanda Gartner - The University of Kansas Health System
Amy Scott - Children’s Mercy
Brent Straley - Children’s Mercy
Cindy Olson-Burgess - Children’s Mercy
Joann Paul - Saint Luke’s Health System
Rising Star
Adriana Simone - North Kansas City Hospital
Allegra Paris - North Kansas City Hospital
Amanda Keeton - North Kansas City Hospital
Aryial Cloughley-Gaughan - Saint Luke’s North-Barry Rd.
Kari Johnson - The University of Kansas Health System
Rural Health/Critical Access
Kimberly Smith - Western Missouri Medical Center
Many Shull - Western Missouri Medical Center
Maureen Kellie Baker - Western Missouri Medical Center
Tanya Ewert - Anderson County Hospital
Surgical Services
Anna Cox - Shawnee Mission Health
Cindy Davis - North Kansas City Hospital
Janessa Endaya - Saint Luke’s East
Jessica Carlson - Stormont Vail Health
Kathleen Glatt - Children’s Mercy
Women’s Health
Heather Scruton - Children’s Mercy
Jenifer Sears - North Kansas City Hospital
Jill Rozean - Hays Medical Center
Shelly Chandler - Truman Medical Center
Stephanie Jones - North Kansas City Hospital



Click here for a list of the 22 categories and descriptions for the 2018 Nurse of the Year.


Thanks to the leadership of our Chair, Eva Karp, Senior Vice President, Chief Clinical and Patient Safety Officer at Cerner and the steering committee members listed below. These volunteers are taking the Nurse of the Year Awards to new heights, honoring more nurses than ever before. The March of Dimes and the families we support are grateful for the generosity and effort of these dedicated steering committee members.

Eva Karp, DHA, MBA, RN-BC, FACHE - Senior Vice President, chief Clinical and Patient Safety Officer at Cerner Corporation

Steering Committee Members
Catherine Bonderer
- BSN, RNC-OB, NE-BC - Senior Director, Mother, Child Services, North Kansas City Hospital
Tammy Peterman - MS, RN, FAAN - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer, The University of Kansas Health System
Chris Ruder - MS, RN, NEA-BC - Vice President, Patient Care Services & Associate Chief Nursing Officer, The University of Kansas Health System
Cheri Hunt - MHA, BSN, RN, NEA-BC - Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Children’s Mercy
Sarah Oakley - MSN, RN, NEA-BC - Vice President & Chief Nursing Offier, North Kansas City Hospital
Debbie Wilson - MSN, RN, MSA, NEA-BC - Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Saint Luke's Hospital of Kansas City
Peggy O'Toole - MSN, APRN, NEA-BC - Administrative Director of Professional Advancement, Shawnee Mission Health
Carol Perry - MSM, BSN, RN, FACHE - Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer, Stormont-Vail Health
Jennifer Koepke - RN, MHSA, CPHQ - Vice President Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Officer, Western Missouri Medical Center
Terry Siek - MSN, RN, NEA-BC - Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer, Hays Medical Center
Amy Peters - BSN, MBA, RN - Chief Nursing Officer, Truman Medical Center
Dr. Thad Wilson - RN, PhD, FNP-BC, FAAN, FAANP - President of Research College of Nursing
Ryan Fischer - Vice President of Business Development, Tutera Senior Living & Healthcare
Jacque Davis - RN, MSN, NE-BC - Director of the Medical/Surgical Department at Liberty Hospital
Jason Robertson - MSN, RN, CCRN, CPEN, CEN - Manager of Nursing Professional Development at Shawnee Mission Health


Through partnership with companies, organizations and individuals the March of Dimes is able to create unique moments for our clients, vendors and leadership teams to participate in a special evening, while supporting an important cause.  Sponsorship opportunities are available in a variety of levels for our Nurse of the Year event providing you with brand recognition, civic engagement and and exclusive entertainment opportunity within the event. 

We look forward to working with you to discuss your partnership with the March of Dimes.  For sponsorship information please contact Pam Kelley at 913-235-9851. 


Since 2011 the March of Dimes have been honoring nurses in Kansas and the Greater Kansas City area.  The Nurse of the Year Awards has raised more than $500,000 since 2013!

In 2017:
-- 600 Nurse of the Year Award Gala attendees  
-- 740 Nurses nominated from 48 different facilities
-- 22 Award Winners selected from 107 Nurse Finalists
-- $150,000 raised in 2017 support the March of Dimes Mission