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Nurse of the Year - Missouri

DATE: Saturday, November 19, 2016  |  Time: 6:00 PM
LOCATION: Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel
ADDRESS: 800 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63101

For more information please contact Alyssa Wolf (314) 513-9960.


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2016 Legend in Nursing and Winners

Dr. Anne G. Perry,

Advanced Practice

Robert P. Walsh

Sainte Genevieve County Memorial Hospital

Behavioral Health

Carole Hunt

AA Inspirations,
McKinley Center (SIHF)
& AIM Mental Health

Case Management

Joy Krieger

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America,
St Louis Chapter

Charge Nurse and Frontline Supervisor

Elizabeth Boyle

Mercy Hospital - St. Louis

Clinical Informatics

Veronica Schlett

Mercy Hospital - Jefferson

Community Skilled Nursing 

Carol Siem

University of Missouri - Health Care

Critical Care

Donna Prentice

Barnes-Jewish Hospital


Kay Gaehle

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

Emergency Care

Timothy Harper

St. Luke's Hospital - St. Louis

General Medical / Adult Care

Gale Roxanna Lupien

SSM - St. Louis University Hospital

Infection Control & Quality/Risk Management

Deborah Robinson

Saint Louis Children's Hospital

Licensed Practical Nurse

Angela Crutchfield

University of Missouri - Health Care


Jaclyn Archer

St. Louis Children's Hospital

Nursing Administration

Lisa Meadows

St. Louis Children's Hospital


Jennifer Crane

St. Louis Children's Hospital


Patricia Potter

Barnes-Jewish Hosptial

Rising Star

Joshua Fender

Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Student Nurse

Andrea Heinemann

Rockhurst University

Surgical Services

Cheryl Jones

SSM St. Joseph Hospital - Lake St. Louis

Women's Health and Obstetrics

Janice Morlock

Mercy Hospital - St. Louis


Honor a nurse or group of Nurses through a GIFT IN TRIBUTE online.

Whether serving as health care provider, educator, researcher, chapter volunteer and/or advisor – nurses play a critical role in advancing the mission of the March of Dimes:  to improve the health of all babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. The Nurse of the Year initiative supports this mission while recognizing exceptional nurses throughout the state and celebrating the profession. Honor a nurse, or group of nurses, through a TRIBUTE GIFT.


The 2016 Nurse of the Year committee is led by Cathy Koeln, Director, Patient Care Services at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Kimberly Tuck, President and CEO at Home State Health and Kristine Ziegler, Vice President, Strategy & Business Development at Envolve, are serving as vice-chairs.


Hundreds of applications across the defined categories ranging from Advanced Practice to Surgical Services are reviewed and scored by high-ranking nurse leaders. Through this competitive process, finalists within each category are then determined. The March of Dimes is proud to announce and honor the 2016 Nurse of the Year finalists.

LEGEND IN NURSING - Presented by Maryville University

Dr. Anne Perry
ADVANCED PRACTICE - Presented by SSM Health

Catherine J Banes – Southern NP Associates
Christine Klittich – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Coleen Rakers – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Judy Wilson-Griffin – SSM - Saint Mary’s Health Center
Kevin Stein – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Lisa Henry – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Nina Zimmermann – Maryville University
Renee Fishering – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Robert P. Walsh – Saint Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
Valerie Griffin – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Alicia Toothman – University of Missouri - Columbia
Carole Hunt – AA Inspirations, McKinley Center (SIHF) & AIM Mental Health
Jessica Lener – University of Missouri - Saint Louis
Tina Klasing – Saint Louis Children's Hospital

Carmen Hill – Saint Louis Public Schools
Dawn Keiser – Home State Health
Denise Dooling – Mercy
Devita Stallings – Saint Louis University School of Nursing
Joy Krieger – Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, St Louis Chapter
Maggie McVey-Vogt – SSM - Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center
Mary Beth Kalmer – St. Clair County Health Department
Melissa Henry – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Patricia Cyr – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Phyllis Guest – Saint Louis Public Schools


Andrea Eaton – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Angela Sherman – University of Missouri - Columbia
Carol Creek – Belton Regional Medical Center
Caryn Thomas – University of Missouri - Columbia
Clarissa Swope Geiler – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Dawn Nunez – University of Missouri - Columbia
Elizabeth Boyle – Mercy Hospital
Jennifer Marshall – University of Missouri - Columbia
Kathy Stankovich – Progress West Hospital
Melissa Coons – Mercy Hospital - Springfield

CLINICAL INFORMATICS - Presented by Envolve

April Seiffert – Option Care
Bridgette Carnes – Saint Louis University School of Nursing
Carolyn Siemer – Mercy
Cathy Waggoner – Freeman Health Systems
Connie Merseal – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Edith Younger – University of Missouri - Columbia
Julie Spencer – Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College

Patricia Reinbold – SSM Health
Veronica Schlett – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson

COMMUNITY SKILLED NURSING - Presented by BCI Construction USA, Inc.
(Hospice, Home Health, Palliative Care, Long Term Care and Long Term Acute Care)

Anne Giambalvo – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
April Dietrich – At Home Care St. Louis
Carol Siem – University of Missouri - Columbia
Catherine Hankins – Maxim Healthcare
Charissa Deckelmann – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Julie Ballard – Health Systems, Inc.
Pamela Stump – Craig HomeCare
Peggy Kurlandski – St. Luke’s Hospital
Rebecca Luethy – Centene Corporation
Sarah Buechting – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
CRITICAL CARE - Presented by Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College

Allison Shrewsbury – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Anne Kerwin – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Donna Prentice – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Jessica Dickman – SSM - Saint Mary’s Health Center
Jeweletta L. Head – University of Missouri - Columbia
Kimberly Danchus – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Lisa Ramage – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Myra Suntrup – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Roxanne T. Fitzgerald – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Tracy Allard – Barnes-Jewish Hospital

EDUCATION - Presented by Maryville University

Alice Jensen – Maryville University
Boniface Stegman – Maryville University
Cathy Wittenauer – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Diane Saleska – University of Missouri - Saint Louis
Geralyn Frandsen – Maryville University
Jerrica Ampadu – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Kay Gaehle – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Lisa Burnitt – Goldfarb School of Nursing Barnes-Jewish College
Mark Bruns – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Mary Lawrence – Mercy Hospital
Rachael Beard – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Aimee Russell – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Denise Culver – Belton Regional Medical Center
Dianne Helvey – SSM - Saint Joseph Health Center
Jennifer Elbert – Mercy Hospital - Washington
Jennifer Hayden – SSM - Saint Mary’s Health Center
Kathryn Moritz – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Kristin Jones – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Pamela Neuenschwander – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Polly Muehlberg – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Timothy Harper – St. Luke’s Hospital

GENERAL MEDICAL/ADULT CARE - Presented by Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Amanda Howell – Mercy Hospital - Washington
Beverly Miller – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Bridgett Saunders – Mercy
Gale Roxanna Lupien – Saint Louis University Hospital
Hannah Wysong – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Janelle Chamberlin – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Katie Krigbaum – Saint Genevieve County Memorial Hospital
Kevin Lakamp – SSM - Saint Mary’s Health Center
Mary Ann Miller – Mercy Hospital
Rosalia Kaintz – Mercy

Ashley Bell – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Christine Zirges – SSM Health
Deborah Robinso – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Ginger Kemper – Home State Health
Helen Wood – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
James Svaglic – Centene Corporation
Janice Setzer – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Laurie Wood – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Mary Duncan – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Nancy Sigillito – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Warren Diesel – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis


Angela Crutchfield – University of Missouri - Columbia
April Thomas – University of Missouri - Columbia
Betty Gaetz – Craig HomeCare
Carina Jones – Craig HomeCare
Carolyn Dawe – Craig HomeCare
Joan Tapp – University of Missouri - Columbia
Lorraine Alright – Mercy
Louisa Fullington – The Neighborhoods at Quail Creek
Maddison Ashby – Craig HomeCare
Rosella Rigsby – Craig HomeCare
Tiffany Nash – University of Missouri - Columbia
NICU/PICU - Presented by St. Louis Children's Hospital

Anita Holsapple – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Cindy Kalaf – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Elizabeth LaPorte – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Heather Miller – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Jaclyn Archer – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Jamie Wunderlich – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Jessica Kostenbader – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Joy Gardner – Mercy
Kelli Everett – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Kelsey Pace – Mercy Hospital - Springfield


Anitra Galmore – SSM - Saint Joseph Health Center
Annette Latham – Mercy
Beth Rumack – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Bethany Westlake – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Bridgett Robbins – University of Missouri - Columbia
Deborah Pasch – University of Missouri - Columbia
Kelley Kostich – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Kimberly Tuck – Home State Health
Krista McKenzie – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Lisa Meadows – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Michele C. Meyer – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Sandy Bourdeau – SSM - DePaul Health Center
Sharon Thomas – University of Missouri - Columbia
Stacy Blankenship – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
PEDIATRICS - Presented by Mercy

Brooke Carter – University of Missouri - Columbia
Carla Jenkins – University of Missouri - Columbia
Danielle Vaeth – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Eileen Mayberry – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Jennifer Baumgartner – Mercy
Jennifer Crane – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Jenny McDowell – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Kristen Medley – University of Missouri - Columbia
Maria Alexander – Freeman Health Systems
Meghan Funk – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Sarah Thummel – Mercy Hospital

RESEARCH - Presented by Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Ann Popkess – Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Anne Borgmeyer – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Elizabeth Pratt – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Erica Frost – Chamberlain College of Nursing
Jeanette Cowin – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Lee SmithBattle – Saint Louis University School of Nursing
Marilyn Rantz – University of Missouri - Columbia
Pamela Newland – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Patricia Potter – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Rebecca A Lorenz – Saint Louis University School of Nursing
RISING STAR - Presented by Chamberlain College of Nursing

Claire Jensen – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Janette Coble – Saint Louis Children's Hospital
Jessica Talbert – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Joshua Fender – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Kara Ranft – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Kevin (Brian) Krazer – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Megan Fankhauser – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Rachel Williams – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Toral Patel – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Zachary Boesch – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis

STUDENT NURSE - Presented by Webster University

Aaron Allmon – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Andrea Heinemann – Rockhurst University
Ashlee Fancher – Mercy Hospital - Springfield
Cory Conder – SSM - Saint Joseph West
Hunter Niemeyer – Saint Louis University School of Nursing
Jasmin Robles – Saint Louis University
Kyle Warne – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Laura Eike – Mercy
Rachael Johnson – Saint Louis University School of Nursing

Angela Boren – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Cheryl Jones – SSM - Saint Joseph West
Courtney Maltagliati – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Deborah Hotop – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Jeffrey Moomey – SSM - Saint Joseph Health Center
Jill Peelle – Barnes-Jewish Hospital
Julie O'Connor – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Leslie Koeller – Mercy Hospital
Natalie Suttmoeller – University of Missouri - Columbia
Patricia Johnson – Mercy

WOMEN'S HEALTH & OBSTETRICS - Presented by Home State Health

Amy Horrell – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Amy Schwent – Mercy Hospital - Jefferson
Elizabeth Stuesse – Maryville University
Jamie Gilliland – Saint Mary’s Health Center - Jefferson City
Janet Chandarlis – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Janice Morlock – Mercy Hospital - St. Louis
Jeanee Kennedy – Premier Surgical Institute
Joan M. Guest – Missouri Baptist Medical Center
Rebecca Florian – SSM - Saint Joseph Health Center
Rebecca Schwaller – Saint Mary’s Health Center - Jefferson City


The March of Dimes will honor nurses who exemplify an extraordinary level of patient care, compassion and customer service at its 5th Annual Nurse of the Year, presented by Catherine McAuley School of Nursing at Maryville University.

Exceptional nurses employed in the state of Missouri and Illinois counties of Jersey, Madison, St. Clair, Clinton, Monroe and Randolph are eligible. A selection committee of healthcare professionals will review the confidential nomination forms. 

About 20 nurses will be honored at a special awards gala on November 19, 2016.  Download an EVENT FACT SHEET, GET INVOLVED PACKET and CATEGORY INFORMATION.


Through partnerships with companies, organizations and individuals, the March of Dimes is able to create unique moments for your clients, vendors and leadership teams. Your sponsorship clearly demonstrates your support of the March of Dimes and our cause. Sponsorship opportunities are available at a variety of levels, providing you with brand recognition, civic engagement and an exclusive client entertainment opportunity within the event. We look forward to working with you to discuss your partnership with the March of Dimes. Please contact Alyssa Wolf for more information and to learn how to get your company involved. 314.513.9960


The March of Dimes is honored to pay tribute to the nursing profession by recognizing extraordinary
nurses throughout the community. Nurse of the Year events honor those who make a
difference in the lives of so many.

2016 Nominations have closed. 2017 Nominations will open in April.